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Soil Testing Instruments, Concrete Testing Instruments, Bitumen Testing Instruments, Aggregate Testing Instruments, Laboratory Appliances, Survey Equipment, etc....

About Us

Advancing technology has seen a number of innovations made in varied industries to facilitate quality production. Instruments like Soil Testing Instruments, Concrete Testing Instruments, Bitumen Testing Instruments, Aggregate Testing Instruments, Laboratory Appliances, Survey Equipment, etc. also find wide application in diverse industries owing to the ever rising demand for chemical precision and quality excellence in a number of industries.

Formed in the year 2001, Usha Instruments has become a prominent manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of a wide range of testing instruments like Soil Testing Instruments, Concrete Testing Instruments, Bitumen Testing Instruments, Aggregate Testing Instruments, Laboratory Appliances, and Survey Equipment. These include air entrainment meter, aneroid barometer, ball mill, bitumen testing kit, burette borosilicate, cutting collar, penetration piston, displacer block, tripod stand, rammer, dial gauge, chisel, compressometer, concrete mixer, consolidation apparatus, depth gauge, digital lux meter, extractor frame, flexural testing machine, flow table, jaw crusher, jolting apparatus, length gauge, micrometer, mixing apparatus, plumb bob, polishing machine, riffle box sampler, sampling tube, soil hydrometer, soil trimmer, tachometer, thermometer, triaxial cell, vacuum pump, vernier caliper, vibrating table, wind wane, wood testing machine, etc.

Our high-on precision products are catered to various sectors like research institutes, labs, geo-scientific & agri-electronic institutes, leather industry, and environmental monitoring & pollution control, etc. Our prominent position in the industry shows acceptance of our testing and measuring equipments and their quality as well as cost effectiveness. Also, our customized solutions are delivered on time. With our herculean efforts for quality equipment, we have been able to gain the trust of numerous clients.

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Standard Penetrometer
Standard Penetrometer
Pycnometer Bottles
Pycnometer Bottles
Automatic Level
Automatic Level
Core Cutting Drilling Machine
Core Cutting Drilling Machine
Compression Testing Machine
Compression Testing Machine
Core Cutter
Core Cutter

Product Range

Usha Instruments is a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of various testing and measuring instruments. These equipments are used in various industries and research institutes for various purposes. Following is the list of our products:

Abrasive Cut off Machine
Able Flash Point Apparatus
Aggregate Impact with Counter
Air Entrainment Meter
Altimeter 4000 meters imported
Anemometer Digital Model AR 836
Aneroid Barometer
Augur – Post Hole or screw type
Autoclave Cement
Balance Pan Type
Ball Mill
Beaker Borosilicate
Electrically operated
Bitumen Testing Kit
Di-butyl Thallate
Brazilian Test Apparatus
Briquette Mould - Single Gang
Metal Measures 10, 20 L
Burette Borosilicate
Camber Board 3 meter Al
Capping Set Horizontal
Capping Set Vertical
CBR Lab Hand Operated
Three Speed
Accessories for CBR
CBR Mould Gunmetal
CBR Mould MS
Cutting Collar
Penetration Piston
Displacer Block
Tripod Stand
Perforated Brass Plate
Rammer 2.6 Kg
Rammer 4.89 Kg
Dial Gauge 0.01x25 mm
CBR Test Apparatus (Field)
Cobb Tester with Pressure Roller
Rammer 4.89 Kg X 450 mm Fall
Compaction mould 1000 cc
Rammer 2.6 KG x 310 mm Fall
Compactor Automatic
Compaction Factor Apparatus
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Test Hammer Indian
Cone Penetrometer for Soil
Consolidation Apparatus
Dolly Cutter with Hammer
Core Drilling Machine Portable
Dean & Stark Apparatus
Density Basket Powder Coated
Depth Gauge
Devel Attrition Testing Machine
Digital Lux Meter
Enamel Tray Rectangular
Enamel Plate Round
Extractor Frame
Film Stripping Device
File Half Round Shape
Flexure Testing Machine
Flexural Testing Machine
Flow Table
Glaze Tile Impact IS-777
Jarring Link
Jaw Crusher
Jodhpur Permeability Apparatus
Jolting Apparatus
Lateral Extensometer
Le Chatlier’s Mould
Le Chatlier’s Flask
Le Chatlier’s Water Bath
Dial Gauge
Length Gauge
Load Frame
Load Truss
Accessories for Marshal
Breaking Head Assembly
Marshal Mould 4”
Marshal Mould 6”
Marshal Pedestal
Marshal Rammer
Measuring Cylinder Graduated
Mixing Apparatus
Moisture Meter
Beam Moulds
Cube Moulds
Cylinderical Moulds
Needle Vibrator
Oven Hot Air
Pan Evaporimeter
Permeability Apparatus
Permeability Concrete
Planetary Mixture
Plastic Limit Device
Plate Bearing Test Apparatus
Pliability Test Apparatus
Plumb Bob
Pocket Penetrometer for Soil
Polishing Machine
Pycnometer Glass Bottle
Relative Density Apparatus
Riffle Box Sampler
Ring and Ball Apparatus
Rubber Hardness Tester
Sampling Tube
Sand Absorption Cone
Sand Pouring Cylinder
Shrinkage Bar Mould
Shrinkage Limit Set
Sieve Shaker Hand Operated
Silt Testing
Slump Cone Apparatus
Soil Hydrometer
Soil Lathe Motorized
Soil Trimmer
Spatula Cement
Spirit Level metal frame
Stevenson Screen
Stirrer High Speed
Swell Test Apparatus
Tar Viscometer
Tensile Testing Machine
Thermometer Infrared
Tile Testing Autoclave
Torsion Testing Machine
Triaxial cell
Universal Triaxial Cell
Rock Triaxial cell
Unconfined Compression
Universal Automatic Compactor
Vacuum Pump
Vee Bee Consistometer
Vernier Caliper
Vibrating Hammer
Vibrating Machine
Vibrating Table
Wall Thermometer
Water Current Meter
Water & Soil Analysis Kit
Weight Box
Wind Wane
Wood Testing Machine

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